Window % Syzygy Perigee Synch Tides "Delta" Notes Final Results
Jan 26-Feb 2 75 NM (27) 01/30 48 hrs 7.8'(28)   Perihelion(04) *1/2 HIT* 3.4M The Geysers(+3 hrs)
3.2M The Geysers , 3.7M Punta Gorda , 3.7M Off Coast of N CA , 3.9M Off Coast of N CA , 3.3M The Geysers , 3.0M Prunedale
*HIT* 3.6M Ocotillo Wells
3.2M Lucerne Valley , 3.0M Barstow , 3.0M Tehachapi , 3.0M San Fernando , 3.5M Yucaipa(+9 hrs)
*1/2 HIT* 4.5M Off Coast of WA , 4.5M Off Coast of OR , 4.7M Off Coast of WA , 3.1M Off Coast of Oregon
3.1M Prosser(+16 hrs)

*HIT* 7.0M Northern Chile
6.1M Coast of Oaxaca, Mexico
Feb 25-Mar 4 80 NMet (26) 02/27 26 hrs 7.3'(25,26)   Total Eclipse *1/2 HIT* 3.3M Pinnacles, CA , 3.0M San Juan Bautista, CA , 3.0M Watsonville, CA
2.9M Watsonville, CA , 3.1M The Geysers, CA , 2.8M San Juan Bautista, CA
*HIT* 3.6M Ridgecrest, CA
2.9M Simi Valley, CA
*HIT* 4.0M Colville, WA
2.1M Portland, OR , 2.7M Hyak, WA
*1/2 HIT* 6.5M North Pacific Ocean
6.0M Japan , 6.0M Chiapas, Mexico
Mar 26-Apr 2 85 NM (27) 03/27 4 hrs! 6.3'(26)   Equinox (20) 3.1Ml The Geysers, CA, 3.6Ml Burney, CA, 3.5Ml Burney, CA
*HIT* 3.8Mb Off Coast of Oregon, 3.1Ml Prineville, OR, *HIT* 3.8Mb Off Coast of Oregon
*1/2 HIT* 8.1M Antartica 29 hours early, *HIT* 7.1MS Fiji Islands(NCER), *HIT* 7.0Mw Southern Sumatera, Indonesia , 6.7Mw Off Coast of Southern Chile
Apr 25-May 3 80 NM (26) 04/25 18 hrs 7.6'(27,28)     2.6Ml The Geysers, CA; 3.0Ml Mammoth Lakes, CA; 4.0Mb Off Coast of CA(IDC)
2.7Ml Markleeville, CA; 2.5Ml Parkfield, CA
*1/2 HIT* 3.0Ml Coalinga, CA Strongest area jolt in over a month.
3.0Ml Oceanside, CA; 3.0Ml Point Dume, CA, *HIT* 4.0Ml Alhambra, CA; 2.7Ml Alhambra, CA; 3.1Ml Haiwee Reservoir, CA; *HIT* 3.8Ml Simi Valley, CA
3.0Ml Friday Harbor, WA; *HIT* 3.5Ml Washington(IDC)
6.0Ms Irian Jaya, Indonesia; *1/2 HIT* 7.7Ms(7.3?) SE of Taiwan, 16.5 hours late
May 24-31 80 NM (25) 05/23 40 hrs 8.2'(25,26)     3.4Ml Off Coast of N CA, 3.1Ml Mammoth Lakes, CA, 3.6Mb Utah(IDC)
3.3Mb Off Coast of Northern CA(IDC)
3.1ML Central Texas(IDC)
*HIT* 3.9Mb Central CA(IDC), 6.0Mb Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia(Swiss)
3.1ML Western Idaho(IDC), 3.6Ml Lima, WY(felt), 4.0Mb CA-NV Border(IDC), 3.0Ml The Geysers, CA, *HIT* 4.4Ml San Juan Bautista, CA, 3.0ML New Mexico(IDC), 3.0Ml Dana Point, CA, *HIT* 4.0ML Southern CA(IDC)
*HIT* 3.7ML Ocotillo, CA, 3.1ML Western Arizona(IDC)
2.9Ml The Geysers, CA, 6.0Mb Honshu, Japan(Swiss), 6.6Ml Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia(Swiss), 3.6Mb CA-NV Border(IDC), 3.9Mb Manitoba, Canada(IDC), 4.0Mb Ontario, Canada(IDC), 4.3Mb Central Texas(IDC), 3.7Ml New Mexico(IDC), *1/2 HIT* 6.9Ms Afghanistan-Tajikistan Border
4.0Mb United Kingdom(IDC), 3.6Mb Tennessee(IDC), 4.1Mb CA-NV Border(IDC), 3.9Mb Northwest Territories, Canada(IDC), 3.8Mb Minnesota(IDC), 6.2Ms Kamchatka
Jun 22-29 80 NM (23) 06/20 69 hrs 8.1'(23,24)   Solstice(21)  
Jul 21-28 75 NM (23) 07/16 7 days 7.7'(21,22)   Aphelion(4)  
Aug 07-14 70 FM (7) 08/11 4 days 7.2'(21,22)      
Sep 05-12 70 FM (6) 09/07 42 hrs 6.6'(5)   Equinox(22,23)  
Oct 05-12 75 FM (5) 10/06 17 hrs 6.9'(7,8)      
Nov 02-09 85 FM (3) 11/03 4 hrs! 8.0'(5)      
Dec 01-08 85 FM (3) 12/02 26 hrs 8.5'(3,4)   Solstice(21)  
Jan 01-08 80 FM (1) 12/30 48 hrs 8.5'(1)   Perihelion  
Abreviation Definition
Window Column indicates the Dates PST for a SYZYGY Window
% Confidence in predicted quake exceeding 3.5M within 70 miles of San Jose, CA; within 140 miles of Los Angeles; and within the states of Washington and Oregon. Also for a major quake of +7M (probably within the Pacific Ring of Fire.)
Syzygy Column indicates the Date of SYZYGY in UTC(Universal Time).
Perigee Column indicates the Date of Lunar Perigee in UTC.
Synch Column indicates the Time difference between SYZYGY and Perigee, Synchroneity.
Tides Column indicates the Date and size of the Maximum Tides at the Golden Gate during the window. Realative effect on local tides should be similar.
"Delta" Column indicates the Date and maximum change of high tide during the Window.
NM New Moon
FM Full Moon
e Eclipse
Bold Type Indicates a Prediction HIT
General Earthquakes shown are Hits or near misses. Major Quakes are followed by a yearly Major Event number. Bold Events falling outside of windows were for special predictions for the month.
Historically, some geological provinces have non-standard Seismic Window periods.(e.g. Salton Sea Trough, Mendocino Trench, Kamchatka...)
Since 1974 this method has predicted 5+M quakes at Coyote L., Livermore, Loma Prieta, Upland, Landers, Northridge, Seattle, Duvall, Markleeville, Bremerton, Hollister, etc."
** Time difference between syzygy and perigee. Synchroneity is less than 25 hrs. only from 2 to 5 times per year.


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