11-Jan Michoacan, Mexico 7.3 18.3N 102.8W NM+3 P+ 2 30 hrs.
23-Jan Juy Juy, Argentina 7.1 21.9S 65.7W FM+0 P+13 13 days
27-Feb Quetta, Pakistan 7.3 29.9N 68.2E FM+5 P+20 15 days.
11-Mar Mindanao, Philippines 7.0 7.8N 27.4E NM et +2 P+1 16 hrs.
21-Apr Santa Cruz Is. 7.9 12.6S 166.7E FM-1 P+15 38 hrs.
1-May Jalisco, Mexico 7.0 18.9N 107.4W NM-5 P-2 60 hrs.
10-May Birjan, No. Iran 7.3 33.8N 59.8E NM+4 P+7 60 hrs.
25-May Kermadec Is. 7.1 32.1S 179.8E FM+3 P-4 7 days
9-Jul Cumana, Venezuela 7.0 10.6N 63.5W NM+5 P+15 10 days
20-Sep. Kermadec Is. 7.1 28.7S 177.6W FM et +4 P+4 4 hrs!
14-Oct Fiji Is. 7.7 21.95S 176.92W FM-1 P+0 25 hrs.
14-Oct Chile Central Coast 7.0 30.9S 71.0W FM-1 P+0 25 hrs.
28-Oct Peru 7.2 4.3S 76.6W NM-3 P+14 25 hrs.
06-Nov Tibet/China Border 7.9 35.0N 87.3W NM+7 P-7 na
25-Nov Suluwesi, Indonesia 7.1 1.3N 122.4E FM+11 P+13 54 hrs.
05-Dec Kamchatka, E.Coast 7.8 55.0N 163.0E NM+6 P-4 10 days
22-Dec Papua, New Guinea 7.1 5.5S 147.8E NM+9 P+12 80 hrs.
For 1997, 13 out of 17 major quakes occurred in Seismic Windows (76% not the expected 50%).
The Jalisco quake hit just two days before the predicted May 3-10th Window.
The Papua, New Gunea Quake was a day-and-a half late.

Bold type indicates a "Seismic Window" of increased, potential for earthquakes.
Underlined items for quakes within perigean spring tides with Sychroneity less than 37 hrs.
MAG = Ricter Scale Magnitude
e = Eclipse (et = Total Eclipse)
FM = Date of Full Moon in relation to Quake
NM = Date of New Moon in relation to Quake
SYNCH. = Synchroneity is time difference between Syzygy (new or full stage of the Moon) and Perigee (On same day, only 2 to 5 times per year)
Jim Berkland, Geologist, Jan 06, 1998
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