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I've found the following papers online. There are many more. All you need to do is;
1) Be the first person to email me, Will Fletcher, with your NAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL ADDRESS, and The PAPER you'll take. Sorry can only take one, but the list will be updated as soon as possible after a Newspaper is "taken". I'd prefer if your in the area so unusual weather can be added to the Reports(but not required).
2) Collect and Submit the Reports using Jim's Report Form(Home Page, bottom right).

After submitting the Report, you'll receive the next issue of the Syzygy Newsletter Free. If you continue the process, we'll continue to send your Newsletters out. If you're already a subscriber, you can make it a gift, in which case include the Name and Mailing Address(we won't need your address) of the Person to receive the Newsletter. Print

For Help on what we're looking for, click here to go to the Help Page. It may seem lengthy and complex, but once you get it down, it will probably take just a couple of minutes.

1) Use the Links below to go to the Site, and Bookmark it.
2) Print out the Blank Submission Page as a way of keeping track.
3) Count the Dogs and Cats first, noting the Birds and Others(ie. one-zero, one-one, two-one, three-one,...), then go back through and pick up the Birds and Others the same way(normally just a few).

I will Respond back to you, to let you know if the paper's yours or not. So if you see it posted below, drop me a note, you may be the first.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

St Louis, POST
NOTE: Main Announcements Page, need to expand Lost, then Found, to get each list.

The Sacramento Bee - Found
The Sacramento Bee - Lost
NOTE: Lost, and Found are on seperate pages here.

Mail Tribune, Southern Oregon's

GT Connect OR, Lost and Found

Davis, CA: LOST
Davis, CA: FOUND
The Sonoma Index-Tribune
NOTE: This is a Two for, as they are both very small lists.

Solano County, DAILY REPUBLIC ClassPage