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Predictions for December 2007 Print E-mail
Contributed by job   
Friday, 14 December 2007
The December 21-28, 2007 Seismic Window will see the highest tides of the year and some of the highest possible (9.0-9.1 ft. at the Golden Gate on Dec. 23rd.) The coast of Maine will experience tides of 13.0 ft. on Christmas Eve. These are a result of the Dec. 21st winter solstice, the close perigee of 224,256 mi. on Dec. 22nd, and the Full Moon of Dec. 23rd.  In addition the Earth is approaching its closest annual approach to the Sun on January 3, 2008.   As stated in my September SYZYGY, look out for the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Seismic Windows.  The first two holidays have already produced in a big way.

I give an 85% probability for these predictions for one or more quakes meeting the following criteria:

(1)    3.5-6.5M within 140 miles (2 degrees) of Mt. Diablo (37.9N; 121.9W)

(2)    3.5-7.0M within 140 miles centered near Los Angeles 34.0N; 118.0W

(3)    3.5-6.0M with an epicentral address of Washington or Oregon in the Northwest.

(4)    7.0+M major quake globally, probably within the Pacific Ring of Fire.

The Seismic Window of November 22-29, 2007 included the last of the four Perigean Spring Tides of the year with only sixteen hours between the full Moon and a close perigee.  This produced the highest tides of the year (until next month.)

1)      For  Northern/Central California  there was a  maximum 3.5M quake on November 27 in a swarm at the Pinnacles (Score 100%).  Also the Geysers had its own swarm topped by a 4.0M on December 1st, which was two days late for an unneeded 80% score.

2)      Within 140 miles of Los Angeles the largest quake during the window was a 3.3M near Julian on November 25th  (Score: 80%).    Too low was a 3.1M near San Bernardino on Nov. 24, and too far was a 4.1M south of Mexicali on Nov. 28th.

3)      The Northwest came through with the strongest quake there in months, when the NE Olympic Peninsula had a 4.0M on Nov. 26th. (Score: 100%). The 3.3M near Maupin, Oregon on Nov 21 was 0.2M low and a day early for a score of 90x100x80 = 72%;  also a 5.8M quake struck more than 100 miles of f the coast of Port Orford, OR on Nov 19th.

4)      Worldwide there were strong quakes of 6.7M on Papua (Nov 22); 6.7M at Sumbawa on Nov. 25th.  Those would have scored 70%, but were unneeded because a 7.4M hit the West Indies near Martinique Island on the last day of the Window (Score: 100%).

The November summary for four predictions was 100+80+100+100=380/4=95%.
Other earthquakes of interest were a 3.4M near Granger, WY on Nov. 21st;  3.5M  in eastern Montana (Nov 26th).  Also we should not ignore the 7.8M in Chile on November 14, just five days after the New Moon, and neatly within the Secondary Window for the month.

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