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Predictions for June 12-19, 2010 Seismic Window Print E-mail
Contributed by job   
Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Seismic Window of April 28-May 5, 2010 was the last one for six months to be associated with the full Moon. The new Moon takes over the role of the monthly Primary Window until the lunar eclipse of December 21st. Meanwhile readers should understand that quakes that I do not actually predict may still fit the Seismic Window Theory. One such example was the 7.2M this year on May 27, the day of the Full Moon, as shown here on page one. During the Primary Window we had the following results:


(1) For Northern California a 3.3M quake struck near Cantua Creek on May 26, which was two days early and 0.2M low, scoring 64%. Closer was the 3.5M on May 27th at The Geysers, scoring 90%.


(2) For Southern California it was hard to miss, as the Calexico quake aftershocks have continued since the Easter 7.2M. Prominent were quakes near Ocotillo (4.7M on 4/27); Seeley quakes of (4.6M on 4/29, plus 4.7M & 4.8M on 5/8); Santa Rosa I. (3.4M on 5/3), and a 4.8M near Maricopa on 5/8/10. The fully qualified quake was a non-aftershock near Trona (3.7M on 5/4) which scored 100%)


(3) For the Northwest there was a non-scoring 4.6M near Vancouver Island on May 6th, but just two days late was a significant swarm off the coast of Yachats, Oregon on May 7th. Those included quakes of 5.1, 4.4, 4.1, 4.3, 3.4 and 4.1M, which scored 80%.


(4) Globally, there were no major earthquakes since the time of the last Full Moon when the 7.2M (#4) hit Mexicalli on Easter and a 7.7M (#5) hit Sumatra on April 6th. Another large quake on April 11th struck the Solomon Islands, but it was quickly downgraded from 7.0M to 6.8M, below the major level. The strongest scoring quakes for the May window were a 6.9M in the Ryukyu Is. on April 26th (score 80%) and a 6.7Ms on May 30th as reported by the Swiss in the Behring Sea (Score 70%)

The Summary for the May window is .90 +1.00 + .80 + .80 = 350/4 = 87.5% success.


Other notable quakes were 6.3M in Chile and 6.3M in Sumatra. Typically, a 6+M quake occurs every three days, so there was no great concentration of quakes at this time.




As previously mentioned, the Seismic Window of June 12-19, 2010 will include the new Moon syzygy of June 12th. Perigee will follow in three days and the combination will produce 8.1-ft. tides at the Golden Gate every day from June 13 to 15, the greatest tidal ranges in three months. With 80% confidence, expect the following quakes:

(1) 3.5-6.5M within 2-degrees of Mt. Diablo (Lat 37.9N; Lon. 121.9W)

(2) 3.5-6.5M within 2-degrees of Los Angeles (34.0N; 118.0W)

(3) 3.5-6.5M with an epicentral address of Washington or Oregon.

(4) 7.0+M major quake globally, most likely in the Pacific Ring of Fire.


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