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Predictions for July 2--9 Print E-mail
Contributed by JOB   
Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Seismic Window of June 20-27, 2009 was a good one, but not a great one.

It was remarkable that no major quakes have occurred thru July 8, 2009, with the last one being the 7.3M offshore from Honduras last May 28th, during the May Seismic Window. Prior to that one was the 7.6M in the Tonga Islands on March 19th, so that we are in the midst of a Seismic freeze, with a total to date of only six major events so far this year. This compares with expected annual frequencies of about 15 major quakes, so we have some catching up to do.


What is important to consider is that there is a widespread misconception that earthquakes are increasing over the years. The same myth surrounds the generation of hurricanes. You remember that the devastation of Katrina was followed by many official forecasts that hurricane activity would be increasing. Yet the numbers have actually diminished. What about all of those predictions about the solar cycle and increased sunspots and solar storms? Instead we are seeing an almost unprecedented quiet Sun. Where is the global warming? The Northeastern USA is wondering where the summer has gone. What about that June snowstorm in Minnesota?

Mother Nature can be so fickle……….but she sure is interesting.


1. 3.8M The Geysers 6/30 70% hit.
2. 4.1M Catalina Island, June 19, 2009 90% hit3.

4.1M Catalina Island, June 19, 2009 3.8M off the coast of Oregon, June 28, 2009. 90% hit.4. 6.7M New Ireland, June 23, 2009. 70% hit




The Seismic Window for July 19-26, 2009 is exceptional, with the longest total eclipse of the sun during this century. Also we will have the closest perigee of the year on July 21st. only six hours from the eclipse. Furthermore, the highest tidal forces of the year arrive on July 21st, with Golden Gate tides ranging to 8.9 ft. within 0.3 ‘ of the maximum possible.




I am predicting with 90% confidence that there will be quakes of the following parameters during this Seismic Window:



1. 3.5-6.5M within 140 miles of Mt. Diablo (37.9N. 121.9W)

2. 3.5-6.5M within 140 miles of Los Angeles (34.0N; 116.0W)

3. 3.5-6.0M within Washington or Oregon

4. 7.0M+ globally, especially within the Pacific Ring of Fire

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